What is your warranty policy?

Our watch winder is backed by a full TWO year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase, against failure due to defective materials or workmanship, under normal use. During this two year period Millennium Vision Limited will repair such defects free of charge. Please note that your watch winder should be used and operate in accordance with the instruction manual provided. The following are not covered by the warranty: scratches, stains, broken glass, opening of the unit by unauthorized person(s), normal wear and tear. You must submit your original copy of the purchase invoice to validate your warranty.

Is there any additional sales tax?

No, all taxes are included.

Does your watch winders work on any brands of watches?

Yes, our watch winders are compatible with all watch brands on the market. Our high quality watch winders will fit your watch’s winding specification.

Who is the manufacturer of your watch winder?

We are the manufacturer, that’s why all our winders are labelled manufacturer backed 2 year warranty.

Can I remove my watch from the rotator whilst it is in motion?

It is highly recommended not to remove your watch from the rotator while it is moving as this may cause damage to the internal drive mechanism.

Can I switch from one Mode to another Mode (i.e. Mode A to Mode C) without firstly turning it to Off position?

It is highly recommended that you should always switch to Off position before changing Mode.

Which mode should I use?

Mode A or B. If however you find that your watch is not winding in these modes, try mode C, it works with all watches.


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